16 and Pregnant: Izabella
reL: no :( i wish!
reL: she could have this baby any day. it's not that uncommon for babies to be a month early lol and no one would know she's pregnant
suz: wow crazy
reL: a) i need to go to utah. it looks beautiful b) this is going to be AWESOME
suz: hahaha yessssss
reL: what is the uncle talking about? im pretty sure jairo is getting no high-fives for getting a girl pregnant...
reL: i feel like i was not as put together as these girls when i was 16. like i wore pajamas to school.
suz: ummmmm yes. we all did. ridiciulus
reL: def not makeup. not til like senior year.
suz: oh god no.
reL: EWWWWWWWWWWWWW stretch marks!
suz: yikess
reL: he should just be a car salesman. no college degree needed i think
suz: nopeee
reL: that conversation bw her and cassidy was really awkward
suz: omg yessss
reL: ugh her ob is so a mormon. he's so cheery lol i would PUNCH HIM
suz: mee tooo i feel men shouldnt be obgyns
reL: agreed. it's kinda pervy.
suz: and theyhave no idea what childbirth is like and they never will
reL: preach it suz!
reL: dear jairo, i think it's time you lose that giant FREAK sticker on your back windshield and replace it with a baby on board sign
reL: we did a bad job with izabella
suz: yeah we did. oh well.
16 and Pregnant: Kayla
suz: omg what is she doing playing volleyball...wearing THAT
reL: oy what are those gymnastics poses??
reL: there's always one way too tan friend
suz: they're both awkward
reL: she has buck teeth
suz: she's ugly
reL: very
suz: these 2 are so dumbb
reL: most people on this show are
suz: true true
reL: i guess the statistics are true - if your mom is a teen mom, youre more likely to be one
suz: that's really sad
reL: do they have to draw their muffin tops in the little illustrations? give them a break!
suz: a part time job? really? like that's going ot cut it
reL: at aeropostale
suz: that cat is pretty fat
reL: HAHA it is! she feeds that cat instead of eating herself
suz: that sucks that there is no real beach in MN
reL: they have lakes
reL: who would name their child trenton?!?!
suz: terrible parents
reL: terrible city!!!
suz: they have no idea about trention NJ in MN
suz: these 2 may be some of the dumbest parents
reL: so apparently the whole city is dumb
suz: her mom is really mia
reL: yeah it's weird. i feel like it'd be impossible to lose weight during pregnancy bc even if you eat nothing, the baby is still extra weight
suz: right
reL: ha there are like pennies in their baby jar
suz: every penny counts!
reL: where are mike's parents?
suz: hmmmmm good point
reL: thats the same bowl they made brownies with
suz: i feel like her friends are getting annoyed with her
reL: this is sad. she needs help.
suz: yes it really is and her mom is so mia
reL: OH NO she couldnt fit in her desk!!!
suz: she actually is really big
reL: HUGE! i bet the anorexia is partly why she's so strange looking. it does bad things to your hair and skin.
suz: i feel like her mom is trying to give excuses for why she's not home for dinner
reL: i feel really bad for her
suz: ME TOO this is really sad
reL: she can still move after they have the baby... if she can save money. it's not like she's close with her mom and her bf isnt in school and doesnt have a real job
suz: yeah but thats not likelyto happen
reL: no prob not but it COULD. why doesnt her mom's bf just go to their house?
suz: i have no idea
reL: her mom is AWFUL. stuff doesnt come gushing out of you bc you took a shower. and if it does, you need to shower more and/or see a doctor.
reL: oh god. c-section? THE PLUNGER! NOOOOOOOOOo
reL: im adding this episode to my list of reasons to not have a baby. EW THROW UP! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
suz: ewww
suz: i like the name preston
suz: she is going to love breastfeeding b/c you stay so skinny
reL: that's a good sized baby's room
suz: apparently no one has told her about the breastfeeding and weight gain
reL: LOL
suz: dude the mom doesnt even live there
reL: i know - i feel like she wants the money to buy like beer and possibly drugs
suz: i completely agree. maybe her sketchy bf put her up to this
reL: definitely. like what does she need the money for? she said she doesnt cook so it's not really for groceries.... and she cant need an extra $300 for utilities and cable...
suz: i think this mom is like hands down the worst
reL: worse than barb? worse than caitlynn's mom?
suz: to the baby. this mom is terrible to her grandkid. never sees him, doesnt try to help her daughter. barb and kailtyn's mom are bad to them, not the baby.
reL: no, it's not going to be the same. idiots.
suz: dont they realize thats what happens when ppl go to college anyways.
reL: and you can ditch the friends you dont want anymore lol
reL: omg i thought the mom was going to say she was pregnant
suz: her mom is really really terrible
reL: this is SO weird
suz: she is worse than farrah's mom
reL: OH farrah's mom! oy crazy episode
suz: srsly
16 and Pregnant: Cleondra
suz: 2 teen moms? craziness
reL: sucks. she looks like a baby
suz: they both do. oops! i thought the brother ws the bf
reL: hahaha me too
suz: some of the kids are white some are black. this family is melting pot!
reL: the bf is a creeper. he has the creepy keiffer mustache.
suz: YESSSSSS i wonder if he's keiffer's half brother
reL: hahaha i hope so!
suz: OMG mtv do not show the underage drinking
suz: this kid seems to have his head on his shoulders
reL: i agree. they have a plan...i think
reL: like how like many times like do you think her friend can like say the word like?
suz: HAHA is mom is nuts!
reL: TWILIGHT?!?!?! they are going to name their baby after a vampire book/movie series?!?
reL: that doll is terrifying!
suz: why doesn't he tell these things to cleondra
reL: i know! it sounds like he really cares
suz: he really does and his reasoning makes sense
reL: total sense
suz: like i get she wants teh help from her fam but it seems like they don't already help out w/ the first kid
reL: and who would want their baby to live in a tent in the living room?
suz: srsly. unless she thinks she cant leave b/c no one else takes care of the other kid
reL: i think that's exactly why she doesnt want to leave.
suz: that's just horrible
reL: the sister should wo-man up and take care of her own baby
suz: the doctor has like hazmat gear on
reL: ugh kylee sue? this baby has no chance.
suz: for sure. let's hope she makes it to 16.
reL: WHOA those are intesnse xmas lights
suz: are you surprised? his mom is nuts
reL: hahaha so true
suz: i dont think leaving the baby w/ your mom is that much of a better choice
reL: why doesnt he feel comfortable with her mom watching? i understand the sister
suz: he's getting a bit obnoxious though with the moving in stuff
reL: wtf kind of answer is that? i dont feel like helping you today with our child?
suz: she still has to ask her mom?
reL: she's still only 16!!
suz: what worse can happen that hasn't already
reL: she could get pregnant again! that would be worse haha
suz: so many different babysitters
reL: i know. what a weird schedule.
suz: babyhopes.com tells me you can get preggers 2-3 weeks after giving birth
reL: ok then. see, it could be worse haha
reL: they are kind of boring
suz: seriously. not like the ones getting the cops involved
reL: or threatening degrading text messages
suz: im amazed that both the moms are getting involved
reL: i know! and on the same page. it's helpful that they're neighbors.
suz: yes def
reL: and doesnt live 300 miles away
suz: i feel like they all say the same things at the end
reL: i know - blah blah it's so hard but im trying and i love my baby and blah blah blah
suz: an anorexic pregger w/ a c section? grossssssssssssss
reL: terrifying
**sorry we're so late on these!!! xoxo suzyrel
Feeling satisfied that they’ve sensationalized teen pregnancy enough with 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, MTV is moving on to other teen freak shows. They’ve just greenlit a pilot for Married Young, about kids who marry really young. Ohhh. That could be really interesting, but really only if it’s about religious fundies. I want long dresses and long braided hair. I basically want Teen Duggars. Can we have Teen Duggars please, someone? I want so much Duggars-related programming I think there needs to be a Duggars Channel. OK, you listening, TLC? I’ll put the shows together, all I need from you is a video camera, the Duggars, and approximately $400 million. (One dollar for every Duggar. There are so many Duggars.) Deal?
16 and Pregnant: Danielle
suz: oh she's like awkwardly huge
reL: its weird bc her boobs are so huge and they interfere with her belly
suz: the baby is sitting very high
reL: she thinks her body is going to rebound enough to be painted at games at school?
suz: HAHAHAAH i doubt she was skinny to begin with
suz: the mom has an ed hardy seat cover!! how jenelle like
reL: yeah. thats disgusting
suz: her mom is 32. i just realized that. this lady is a g'ma at 32.
reL: her friend's shirt says jesus is my bff!
reL: shes like should i do what the dr says? does she have another option even?
reL: danielle's sister is like 7 and she's an aunt
suz: thats so wrong
reL: they're all so calm
suz: her mom is so young looking
reL: she IS young. she's only a few years older than us
suz: holy crap. when you put it that way
reL: that day care looks like baby jail
suz: it looks so gross
reL: he just ran into traffic to get away from her
16 and Pregnant: Jamie
reL: ewwwwwwwwww bellybutton
suz: ew gross pregnant belly
suz: these girls are so so dumb
reL: they are always so surprised when they get pregnant yet they do nothing to stop it
suz: I KNOW! it makes me so mad. its not like they don't know how to prevent it
reL: they obviously watch the show haha
suz: obv
reL: i think it's weird when parents refer to their unborn children by the name they've chosen
suz: i hate that they know its a girl or boy before they're born
reL: i dont mind that they know, i just think it's weird when they act like it's already around
suz: why doesnt she have a license
reL: bc she's prob not old enough to drive?
suz: she's a senior
reL: true. i dunno? maybe she failed the test? or doesnt want to take it?
suz: dude he can't choose his court date
reL: he's wearing a horse shoe ring
reL: she still uses myspace?
suz: i was just thinking that
reL: do your bros?
suz: nope. facebook only.
reL: myspace is only for bands and whores
reL: jamie's dad looks like a chilean miner
suz: they text? seriously? its her dad. pick up the damn phone
reL: he so won't be at the hospital
suz: andrew says no one uses myspace
reL: i believe him.
suz: and matt says nope - only musicians use myspace
reL: at least he doesnt know about the whores.
suz: HAHAHAHAHAHA he's 14
reL: some of the girls on this show are 14, 15....!!!
suz: disgusting. why do they all want to live with teh baby daddys?
reL: bc their own moms are driving them crazy?
reL: why is she not heading to the hospital? and how is ryan going to get there? he cant drive
suz: maybe he'll hop a ride from a friend? that he was out partying with. oh righttttt he's hungover
reL: oh god. this is the worst part.
suz: grossssssssssss.
reL: omg if they use the plunger again im going to die
reL: that was traumatizing!!!
suz: ppl shouldn't have children
reL: theyre like pulling her out with salad tongs
suz: i dont like the way they spelled the name
reL: oh no, me either.
suz: is her blond friend gay?
reL: oh wow her dad actually came. prob bc he wanted to be on tv.
suz: ha probs
reL: she totally has that nose.
reL: ryan is having a panic attack
suz: srsly. i would not let him take that baby
reL: no definitely not
suz: i would be afraid he wouldn't come back
reL: so true
suz: oooh he's her "ex"
reL: i knowwww i saw that!
suz: i hope to god he's not on the birth certificate
reL: HA wow good call suz!
suz: i feel like this show needs a legal advisor
reL: hahaha i would be so excited if you were it
suz: omg he so is going to kidnpa this kid
reL: i dont think so, but you usually are right about these things haha
suz: did he just give the baby to a random girl
reL: haha possibly?
suz: ugh i hate alarm clock sound
reL: me too. i use the radio or my ipod bc regular alarm scares the crap out of me and starts me off on a bad foot haha
suz: the blonde friend is def gay i've decided
reL: yeah - he'd be friends with guys in high school if he wasnt
suz: exactly
reL: WOW ryan is a scumbag
suz: srsly. who does that?
suz: snow in nc? wow
reL: they live in the mtns

The higher ups @ gossip girl have finally decided to cut ties permanently with the actresses who play Vanessa (ugh i cant stand her) and Jenny.  YAY!

we're not as sorry we're 2 weeks late on this blog as the teen moms are sorry their periods are 2 weeks late!
suz: oh no. twins again.
reL: i bet they wont be as cute as leah and corey's
suz: OMG sophomore! she was a FRESHMAN when she got pregnant
reL: it's awkward to buy condoms? so you just dont use them??!
reL: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1661526/.jhtml
suz: casting? really?
reL: i know. i dont' know what to make of that.
suz: i am 1) excited b/c i love how ridiculus these girls are but 2) really????? stop getting pregnant girls
suz: google this girl and there are stories that she got pregnant on purpose
reL: what?? psycho
suz: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-20055703-504083.html
reL: ohhhh good
suz: this is a messss
reL: why is she like desperate for a baby shower? it's sad and pathetic
suz: she wants free stuff
reL: and attention
suz: she's freaking on tv. she's getting enough attention
reL: it's weird that 1 baby is a jr and the other isnt
suz: yeah it is why would you do that?
reL: because you're 16 and irresponsible/crazy
suz: i can't believe she's a sophomore. she is never going to finish school
suz: so this girl is the one from the link i posted on the blog
reL: about getting preggo on purpose
suz: yeah. showing him fake sonograms pics, etc.
reL: that ring HAS to be CZ
suz: oh def. or she stole it.
suz: they so hate him
reL: im waiting for the mom to either pass out or hurt josh
suz: the parents have to agree to teh wedding. like sign off on her marriage license
reL: she cant even drive! why should she get married?
suz: so they can say no to this whole thing
reL: he's so weird looking. something about his nose maybe?
reL: their babies are not going to be cute
suz: no not at all. she's not very pretty. and she looks so so young.
reL: she IS so so young. he doesnt look 19.
suz: corey was 19 or so when the twins were born. but corey looks like nearly 30
reL: HA i know!
suz: i'm still so sad about them
reL: i know :(
reL: ummmmmmmmmm whats with the tampa bay rays thing?
suz: this is just a mess
reL: ugh the yelling
reL: i feel bad she's in so much pain but she has to stop whining
suz: HAHAHAHA they let them out of the hospital too soon after csections
reL: i agree. i had minimially invasive surgery and i couldnt walk for like a week - c-section is WAY worse
suz: craziness
reL: it's nice that she's saying thank you and preparing stuff for her parents.
suz: unlike jenelle
reL: exactly unlike jenelle. uhhh josh sucks.
suz: he's terrible.
reL: why do they all turn into assholes as soon as the babies arrive?
reL: OMG this is terrifying
suz: this is horrible
reL: ohhhhhhhhhh shit i wonder what they arrested him for? domestic violence?
suz: kidnapping?
reL: can you kidnap your old children?
suz: yup. parental kidnapping is the most common form of kidnapping
reL: they should rename joshua jr
suz: yes yes they should
reL: they got a new notebook
Tina Fey Hosting SNL Tonight!

Just a reminder! Tina Fey hosting Saturday Night Live tonight on NBC! 11:30pm EST

NBC Must See TV Comedy Thursday Recap!

Only a few days behind on my Thursday shows!  It was a long week!

The Office: Inner Circle

  • YAY!  Darryl gets to go to business school!
  • I wish MY office had ice cream Thursdays.
  • Pam is really whiny in this episode…
  • This episode wasn’t really funny.

30 Rock: Respawn (Season Finale)

  • HA Lutz is wearing a diaper, “like a baby would”.
  • The sheep at the wool meeting is so scary.
  • Kenneth thinks Avery was kidnapped by convenience store owners haha
  • "If I start screaming in my sleep, do NOT wake me up.  I will attack you!" — Tracy
  • "My house is full of white cockroaches." — Kenneth
  • More peonies!
  • Why does Liz/Tina look pregnant in this episode?  She barely looks pregnant in real life.
  • Jack picks the hat in Monopoly.  I think your Monopoly piece says a lot about you haha.

— reL